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Countless studies have demonstrated that expressing gratitude can vastly increase our physical and emotional well-being.Gratitude can also have enormous implications for your relationship…and your ability to find love if you aren’t currently in a relationship.I played the past few weeks of our relationship, before the break up, over and over again in my mind.I was trying to find an answer to why the split happened. Making even one mistake can cost you the chance to get him back.No matter what, it’s a horrible feeling and you can’t stop your mind from spinning and fearing the worst.You try to figure out what you could have done wrong, and you strategize about ways to make things better and get the relationship back on track.Community Q&A It's a running joke that men need lots of personal space, but when your boyfriend is the one doing the asking, it stops being funny.

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When a man pulls back or carries on like he needs space, it can mean that he is in fact so serious about the relationship that he needs time to assess his feelings and decide whether the relationship is healthy for him long-term.

But don't smother him and don't make him feel guilty and accused.

These 4 tips will help you figure out the next step for your relationship:1. When he needs space and you feel really down about it, don't punish him by withdrawing yourself or accusing him of being emotionally unavailable, and don't start to cling.

My whole approach, up to that point, consisted of crying, begging and pleading.

It wasn’t working and the more time that passed, the more panicked I was becoming.


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