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After some initial conversation in which Ratigan tried to be self-deprecating, Capehart's mother unloaded this masterpiece of indignation: The whole thing was offensive because, you know what, I thought it was mean, disrespectful, an invasion of his privacy and personal space.And my question to you is do you have cameras in the bathroom, or in the dressing room? Because if you wanted to make a fool out of someone...Capehart wrote that the Sanders campaign should "stop physically placing him where he existed only in spirit," arguing that the photo showed another activist, Bruce Rappaport.The photographer/documentarian of the event, Danny Lyon, refuted this claim and revealed other photos of Sanders from the sit-in, which are not in dispute and show Sanders wearing identical clothing and eyeglasses.

Back at the table, I sheepishly related the incident to my colleague Jo-Ann Armao. She's horrible," Armao said in her wonderfully blunt way.

She told me that she saw Sidibe at the pre-cocktails and told her that she'd seen "" three times (an amazing emotional feat that only adds to my awe of Armao) and that she thought Sidibe's performance was "incandescent." What was Sidibe's response?

"I guess I should say, 'Thank you.'" At the MSNBC after party, the partner of a "" producer said to me, "Look! I'm going to ask her to take a picture with me." I warned him, "She's mean." To which he said, "I don't care.

you could use yourself because it really pissed me off.

Judging by his reaction, Capehart was not prepared for his mother to use the phrase "pissed me off," which she immediately apologized for, unsure if she was allowed to say it on live TV.


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